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Running the Gauntlet: Startup Tips to Live or Die By

Simpler said than done, or maybe it is just that simple?

Find out how a scrappy, focused approach to (startup) marketing will unleash your potential and strengthen you for the fight ahead.

Interviewer: Michelle Fitzgerald
Interviewee: Jeffrey Hayzlett

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Think Big, Act Small Interview: Making the Complicated Simple for (Startup) Marketers

Making the simple complicated is commonplace; making the complicated simple, awesomely simple, that’s creativity. – Charles Mingus 

HubSpot is the quintessential example of simplistic, creative tools for (startup) marketers. HubSpot also practices what it preaches, having grown revenues to $50M+ since 2006 by following the same principles below.  Mike Volpe, an original collaborator for ebook  and HubSpot’s CMO, shares with us his tips for startups to achieve the same success that HubSpot has had.

Interviewer: Michelle Fitzgerald
Interviewee: Mike Volpe
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Curating Made Easy, Social Sharing With Wings.

Today, we are all publishers. From the last tweet you sent, to the last twenty-four hours of likes, comments and Facebook posts – this truth holds true. The self-publisher in each of us is participating in a social ecosystem that increasingly begs for tools to help us simplify engagement and distribution.

As startup marketers, we particularly seek solutions to cut through crowds of content to engage more than just friends and followers, but much larger (incremental) audiences drawn to the same topics and interests. And then there was   curating made easy, content sharing with Red Bull (ish) wings.

Interviewer: Michelle Fitzgerald
Interviewee: Guillaume Decugis

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Think Big, Act Small Interview: What’s Your (SeeMail) Story?

Today’s “Think Big, Act Small” interview is a story within a story. A startup marketer’s story about how storytelling has evolved from firesides to cave murals, to books and newspapers, to magazines and billboards, printed postcards and television commercials to mobile apps that we hold in the palm of our hand. See, speak, share. Get your story on.

Interviewer: Michelle Fitzgerald
Interviewee: Kent Speakman 

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Get Involved: Taking the Leap into Social Applications

Do you have a Facebook business page or a vested interest in making social work, but struggling to go from blah to awesome? has you covered.

From basic (and free) to gloriously robust and tackling deeper social challenges, Involver scales with your business at any size or stage. Below are Q/A highlights from our ongoing interview series Think Big, Act Small. Learn how Involver benefits startups and SMBs to accelerate brand awareness and content distribution via social.

Interviewer: Michelle Fitzgerald

Interviewee: Roland Smart

Question 1.

Get Scrappy:

A SMB or early-stage startup kicking off social media has a lot of options these days ranging from app providers, to social listening solutions, to mini CMS (content management system) tools. Some are also free, some not.  Why select Involver?


First off , Involver truly has the most popular Application Suite on the Facebook platform; our apps are on more pages than any other provider. We also have a freemium model so it’s quick to get up and running with a basic solution with making a huge (financial) investment upfront.

Second, we now offer a visual authoring solution that’s perfect for small businesses because it’s possible to create custom Facebook applications without involving a developer.

Third, we are a growth platform, which means our customers don’t need to switch technology providers as they grow. Switching costs are a significant resource constraint and can slow small businesses down.

Think Big, Act Small Interview: What’s Your Kred?

This week  joins the “Think Big, Act Small” interview series to explain why social entials matter. , versus , is unleashing (social) information that spells more than a four letter word. Learn how can, and should be, the foundation for establishing your industry footprint. The secret is in the data, even for SMBs and start-ups.  

Interviewer: Michelle Fitzgerald
Interviewee: Shawn Roberts

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