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Get Scrappier – New eBook for Busy (Small) Business Marketers

2 Feb Cover_Promo Post

It’s here! Get Scrappier is now live and FREE on through Feb 11, 2012.

See eBooks or Intro Post for full detail on what to expect and why you, and your small business, shouldn’t miss out.

Results-oriented, conversational marketing. Do more on less. Get Scrappy.

Leave (Discounts) Alone

31 Aug Leave Discounts

Do you discount your way to high-volume user engagement and usage behavior? 

This is a contentious issue with marketers, especially those in high-growth environments.

My response? No. Only with moderation, perhaps.

And why?

  • Discounts are modified versions of “flash sales”. They create a lack of urgency in every day browse/shopping mode because purchases are not based on perceived value, but because it’s the cheapest product at that point in time.
  • Discounts, if mis-used, prompt comparison shopping. True, most users/prospective customers will do that anyways. We can’t stop that. But the deeper tragedy that can occur is missing a larger opportunity to create lifetime customers based on creating/driving product (value-add) awareness versus attracting “discount hunters”, “coupon clippers”, whatever-you-name-it that hone in on the cheapest price available for xyz.

Short story – approach discounting with caution. And blend time-sensitive offers with messaging that includes product FAQs, educational resources (i.e. how-to videos).

Discounting, frequently, can create quick-wins of attracting (new) users shopping for the “best deal”, but it doesn’t always drive quality users and customers that will drive your business value forward.