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Get Scrappier – New eBook for Busy (Small) Business Marketers

2 Feb Cover_Promo Post

It’s here! Get Scrappier is now live and FREE on through Feb 11, 2012.

See eBooks or Intro Post for full detail on what to expect and why you, and your small business, shouldn’t miss out.

Results-oriented, conversational marketing. Do more on less. Get Scrappy.

Let’s Just Talk

25 Oct Let's Just Talk

A simple truth is often forgotten in marketing - let’s just talk.

 We often try so hard to be something, to say something (important) that we actually forget to relax. To just have a conversation. To be authentic in our dialogue with those we know, or those we don’t know.
I have Adam Duritz from  to credit for this blog post. For changing my world view on marketing. And for most importantly inspiring me to stop trying. To just BE. To be ME.
Yes, I work for . I wear a brand. I wear my own personal brand. We all do.  But underneath it all is just one human being needing to talk to another. To share a funny, to share a tear, to educate one other about something novel you or I have just discovered. Multiple those like-minds into tens, hundreds, thousands…you soon have a single conversation that evolves into a tribe, and that tribe sparks a business.
Adam challenged me and hundreds more at  this past week to “just be yourself”.  He stripped away the academia, the buzz words, even the industry tendency to get caught in tactics-by-tools and brought it all back simple truths – that marketing is about connecting people with similar passion points. It’s about having real conversations.
If you too would like to hear more of Adam’s viewpoint on people and social commerce, read and listento the  interview. You can also listen to his session on the live stream recording from (see Day 2, 3:14).
Enjoy. And happy conversing. Be real and be genuine with your customers. The rest and most memorable part of the journey as a business will follow.

Email: Managing the 1:1 Conversation

29 Aug Email Managing

Email (marketing) is the conduit to your best friend(s).  While marketers are prompted to focus on many things days, email continues to hold a unique place in the marketing toolkit.

I often find myself wondering if one day I’ll say “email, no longer relevant”. But at least for now, email stands by through thick and thin of digital marketing trends.

Why?  Why not move more eggs into the hip Social Media basket. tried-true Paid Search or ever-present-ever-needed SEO?

You could, but you’d be missing out on a very important dynamic that’s critical to maintaining a relationship with your best friend (a.k.a. your best customer) – a 1:1 dialogue.

Social Media – no 1:1. It’s messaging tailored to a niche, though valuable, user set within your greater following/friend circle.

Paid Search – no 1:1. The content of xyz message/promotion simply can’t be tailored beyond a selection of specific search terms or a user’s location.

SEO – no 1:1. While incredibly valuable to ensuring your “findability” score is high, this is an organic, carefully cultivated effort to ensure your site resonates with mass users.

Email – yes, there’s a 1:1 relationship.  Why? Because there exists a powerful capability to tailor messaging to what users ask for (explicit/shared information) and what you might know about their behavior on your website (implicit/explicit shared information).

There’s also flexibility within email platforms for iteration throughout the lifecyle of your customer, based on shifts in their interests and/or purchase behavior. How well and how often you apply this information to your email creative will alter 1:1 messaging streams.