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Pitch, Plan, Promise – 101s For Attracting New Clients

7 Feb HandShake

Today I signed a new client, . (My inner data geek shines through on this one. But seriously, check them out if you like data and chart-making.)

The experience of pitching, planning and promising results in <90 days was awesome. (And yes, doable.) Maybe I just love the thrill of pushing things uphill, but the reality is that every element of my recent ebook –  - came alive in the working sessions this last week.

I also thought the experience  - and insights – were worth sharing. Perhaps you too are in the position of pitching new clients or sorting out a quick-win strategy.

Below are some Fast Facts for doing so.

The Pitch

Keep it Simple, Know Your Audience, Use Data and Quantify Results. 

In other words, do your homework. But don’t exaggerate results, or over complicate the storyline. It all sounds relatively easy, but it’s really Sales 101. And yes, in Marketing we sell. Sales, Marketing. They (always) go hand-in-hand.

The Plan
Break it Down, Don’t Over Commit and Set Even-Keel Expectations.

Establish structure right away with your planning (even brainstorm) process. Bucket your thoughts, categorize your opinions and don’t over sell an idea. Facebook presence may sound like a great idea, but attaching wild follower and/or conversion growth rates in x timeframe with no baseline metrics would be slippery spot to be.

The Promise
Build and Optimize to Goals versus Hard-Coding Results.

If you have enough marketing expertise behind you – or someone to help you voice an opinion – there are industry standards for site conversion, etc that can be used to set broad expectations. It does not mean that you too can achieve x in xyz timeframe, but a standard can still become a goal. And that goal, if pursued aggressively, can soon become a very real item to prove or disprove over time.

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Get Scrappier – New eBook for Busy (Small) Business Marketers

2 Feb Cover_Promo Post

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Leave Your Ego At the Door

10 Sep Leave Your Ego

Marketing. It can be a vanity fair. A chance to puff your chest and show off grandeous ideas or projects to the rest of the world. But if it doesn’t drive results. It’s not worth it. Plain and simple. Leave your ego at the door.

A former colleague/boss/mentor of mine once said, “Don’t forget to block and tackle.” To this day, I use that line with my team at  and in my day-to-day attempt to remember that marketing isn’t all grandeous planning or 5-star stickers. It’s often the behind-the-scenes block and tackle that gets the job done.

Block and tackle?

  • Developing an email lifecyle grid to create event-based messaging triggers from ”hello” to “sorry, we missed you”, to “need help getting started?”.
  • Scheduling 5% of your time each day doing research and analyzing internal and industry reports.
  • Taking time to mentor an employee.

The fun stuff?

  • Develping creative for a large-spread print ad.
  • Attending a networking event.
  • Interviewing new vendors.

Big or small, fun or boring…it all has to get done. But be prepared to leave your ego at the door and to dedicate more than ample time to focus on the basics – your website, your customers, your brand personality and your data.  Without it, you and your business simply won’t survive.