Where Does Innovation Fit in Your Business Model?

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Business models are important – they go a large part of the way towards determining how successful your organisation will be. So here’s a question: where does innovation fit in your business model?

There are a number of different ways in which people describe and talk about business models – the common feature is that they describe how an organisation’s activities interact to create and deliver value for their stakeholders.

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About Michelle Fitzgerald

A product evangelist with over twelve years of traditional and emerging marketing experience. Provides FT and PT consultative services to the startup community to help brands develop a better understanding of what drives results (analytics), what drives connections (branding/PR/social media) and what drives revenue (performance marketing/media). Past and current work experience includes Tout, StyleStalk, iCharts, MyBuys, Zinio, Yahoo!, the LA Times and CareerBuilder. Michelle also publishes ebooks, regularly contributes to Upmarket Magazine, speaks at industry events and guest blogs.

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