Let’s Eat! A (New) Startup Journey With Food and Friends

It’s HARD work building businesses from scratch. Don’t let anyone fool you with the lure that working for, or creating a startup of your own, is “freedom” and “work-life balance”. It is, depending on your perspective and lifestyle preferences, but not quite so glamorous as it would sound or appear. (For a great post on this subject, check out )

But alas, for good or bad, I’m off to create (not find) more happiness with my latest venture… ….and wanted to provide an update for my friends and followers.

To put this new venture in context, I have an insatiable appetite for two things:


My life didn’t please me, so I created my life. – Coco Chanel

A walk about Paris will provide lessons in history, beauty, and in the point of life. ― Thomas Jefferson


Find something you’re passionate about and keep tremendously interested in it. ― Julia Child

encompasses all of the above, which is what makes it such a delightful concept to build out. Perhaps it will be my Magnum Opus, or perhaps it will not. But none-the-less it’s a new venture to feed my passion for culinary art and to create a meeting ground for others to connect with others who share the same.

A little about ….


The Short Story

Launching October 18th, is a once (or sometimes twice) a month pop-up dinner party event featuring Bay Area food and specialty cocktails. For the price of a dinner ticket, attendees can enjoy local cuisine sans formal restaurant fanfare, mingle with new or old friends and enjoy a gourmet, full-course meal. Along with a selection of signature cocktails, guests will be able to take home recipe cards to re-create portions of their dining experience.

To join the launch party, please visit .
To follow the (startup) journey of Let’s Eat SF – , , and .

And on this (fun) note, I leave you with a little inspiration to go have some fun of your own….

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About Michelle Fitzgerald

A product evangelist with over twelve years of traditional and emerging marketing experience. Provides FT and PT consultative services to the startup community to help brands develop a better understanding of what drives results (analytics), what drives connections (branding/PR/social media) and what drives revenue (performance marketing/media). Past and current work experience includes Tout, StyleStalk, iCharts, MyBuys, Zinio, Yahoo!, the LA Times and CareerBuilder. Michelle also publishes ebooks, regularly contributes to Upmarket Magazine, speaks at industry events and guest blogs.

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